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For many of us under the age of 102, this has definitely been a year to remember although not all that fondly.

From pandemic to politics, fiscal runaways to flippant prorogues, vacations cancelled to vaccine development – it’s been craziness all around.

The glimmer of hope as we prepare to exit 2020 is that 2021 will begin to shine light on what most regard as one of the darkest chapters of our lives.

Flipping the calendar page will of course not automatically erase the craziness overnight.

We’ve a ways to go before we can remove ourselves from the debris field that has dotted the landscape of our lives since March 2020.

And while the catastrophic elements of Covid struck suddenly, the retreat will be slow and gradual.

My “gut feel” is that by early April the world will begin to emerge from it’s rather lengthy hibernation and armed with informative tools secured during the lockdowns, we’ll be in a position to slowly commence a return to a *new normal*

That a virus struck to the extent it did will most certainly lead virologists to caution that it could happen again and as such, the odds of tearing off the masks on May 1 and returning to the behavioral patterns of 2019 are slim to none.

Our behavioral patterns will have changed and in a mindset similar to Stockholm Syndrome, many will be reluctant to stray very far from the shackles that have held us captive for the past year.

As we slowly emerge and the evidence indicates there is survivability in the aftermath, more and more folks will take whatever protective measures available are needed to get on with the business of living.

Simply because that’s exactly what we need to do.

Our travel appetites will return albeit we’ll look at things a little differently.

Knowing that things can change in a heartbeat, many of us will focus in on that long put aside bucket list experience “just in case” that door closes again without warning.

We’ll gravitate toward smaller well organized groups that combine experiences with the old “safety in numbers” philosophy while shunning in many instances the “mega resort- crowd the beaches with thousands of the great unwashed” type vacation that while popular over the past 20 years, will likely remain out of favor with many for a while yet.

Those for whom a simple week on the sandy shores is at the top of the wish list, we’re seeing more and more of a private cottage/villa or chartered sailing yacht gain traction.

Something we have been working on over the past 8 months.

But until then – we need to each find ways to get through the next few months.

Staying safe is of course at the top of the list.

Warding off the impact of craziness from the fragility of our mental health is a huge part of the stay safe effort.

No easy task over Christmas for many who will struggle with the restrictions imposed when it comes to spending much needed time with loved ones outside the boundaries of their own homes.

Until then – enjoy a couple of minutes in the company of our Christmas Classic entitled:

*T’was The Night Before Christmas*

T’was the night before Christmas and travellers galore

Were faced with the prospect their flights were no more

Their i-phones all flashed that their flights had been scrubbed

With thanks to the virus their plans had been flubbed.

Both Boeing and Airbus just sat on the ground

While thousands of passengers sat looking around

With hopes that a miracle would cut them a break

And the news they’d just heard was perhaps a mistake?

The folks from Air Canada stepped up to the mike

It looked like bad news that surely no one would like

“It appears that we’ve cancelled all flights till tomorrow

And just to top off the frustration and sorrow

We’re stuck in the hold room until further notice

As CATSA’s gone home and locked the gates on us”

As they all milled around with their wishes and whims

A voice from the back yelled “they’ve opened up Tims”

And amidst the crowd’s rush to pick up a fresh java

There arose from the corner one helluva clatter

A Weight Watchers failure all decked out in red

With a massive white beard that just sprung from his head

Stood up on the counter by gate 43

And announced to the crowd “Please just listen to me”

“Though it seems to you all we’re in a bit of a bind

And the impacts of Covid continue to grind

I’ve a plan in my bag that I think we can manage

That will give true believers the edge of advantage”

Then out on the tarmac came a vision from heaven

A ready to board Boeing 787

Attached to the nosewheel were eight massive beasts

Who seemed anxious to fly off in search of some heat.

“We need to get moving-we’ll be boarding by row

And just leave the luggage -it ain’t gonna go

In the spirit of Christmas as additional treats

You’ll notice on board there are no middle seats”.

As I entered the aircraft and plunked down my ass

I noticed the seating was all Business Class

With pillows and blankets and comfy leg rests

I nestled in quickly like a bird in a nest

From up on the flight deck things started to happen

Not a sound from the engines but wings started flappin

“Now Dasher-Now Dancer-Now Prancer and Vixen

(I began to regret all those drinks I’d been mixin)

In an instant we’d soared well above all the clouds

And the crew started meal service, appeasing the crowd

Fresh lobster and filet and fine vintage wines

We’d managed to do it – we’d gone back in time

To a world where a voyage was ours for the asking

And smiling to folks in the absence of masking

As I reclined my seat back for a bit of a snooze

While the rest of the passengers enjoyed premium booze

I wondered why all flights could not be this fine

When I heard a name called – and it sounded like mine.

“Will the very last guest please come to the counter

We’ve paged you 4 times for more than an hour”

As I struggled to wake I’d become more aware

That I’d fallen asleep in a departure lounge chair.

The plans had fell through but we’ll travel again

But for now we’ll accept disappointment and pain

And I hope to soon say once we get everything right

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good flight!

Adios until next time.


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