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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

    Notice: the following terms, conditions and waivers will apply to any and all arrangements you may make with Pace Setter Travel & Tours (1995) Inc. and are *in addition* to the relevant Supplier terms and conditions. We, Pace Setter Travel & Tours (1995) Inc., act as the agent or intermediary for or in respect of the Suppliers of the travel related services including but not limited to – air, ground and sea transportation, hotel and other accommodations, tours, meals, services and insurance products that are sold or reserved through us. We are not the principal. As the Suppliers control the delivery of said travel services we do not warrant their delivery or the quality of said travel services. As well, we do not warrant the financial position of any Supplier. You agree that we will not be liable to you or any other person for any refund, loss, damage, delay or injury resulting from the failure of any Supplier to provide any travel service to you timeously or at all, or for any other breach of contract or any intentional or careless act or omission by any Supplier of any travel service. With respect to *risks and documentation* - We are not responsible for any loss, damage, delay or injury caused to you or any of your travel companions by theft or any other criminal activities, terrorist activities, war, social or labour unrest, mechanical or construction failure or difficulties, disease local laws, climatic conditions, abnormal conditions or developments or any other actions or conditions outside of our control. By embarking on your travel you voluntarily assume all the risks involved with such travel whether expected or unexpected. You are hereby warned of such risks and you should inform yourself of any applicable *Travel Advisories*, inoculations and/or other precautions that should be taken for your trip. You also take full responsibility for identifying and obtaining all passports, visas, permissions or other documents required for your travel. You waive any and all rights or claims that you, your heirs, assigns or any other person may have against us arising directly or indirectly from the occurrence of any such risk, or our failure, whether negligent or otherwise, to inform you of any risks or of precautions you should take or documents you may require. *You also acknowledge that travel insurance has been offered and explained to you*. Alberta law applies to our terms and conditions in this Notice. You agree and submit to the sole jurisdiction of the appropriate court in Alberta in any proceedings between you and us arising from our arrangements. The unenforceability of any term in this Notice shall not affect the enforceability of the other terms, which shall be deemed to be severable from any such unenforceable term. The exclusions of liability, waivers of rights and claims and other appropriate terms referred to in this Notice will also apply to and be for the benefit of employees, directors and agents of Pace Setter Travel & Tours (1995) Inc. The terms, conditions, and waivers of rights and claims referred to in this Notice will also apply to your travel companions or any other person for whom you may have requested Travel Services. You agree to convey the provisions of this Notice to them promptly, warrant to us that they, their heirs, assigns and any other person will consider themselves duly notified and bound by the provisions, and indemnify us against any claims by them in which they, their heirs or assigns allege that they are not so bound. *insofar as you may not already be bound by the above, your retention of tickets, reservations or bookings shall constitute a consent to the above*
    As a general rule of thumb, additional agency fees are not assessed for the vast majority of products where the supplier reimburses the agency with a fair industry standard level of commission. In those instances where that is not the case, an appropriate service fee will be charged in which case you will be advised prior to commencement of the booking for your agreement of same.
    The relationship between an agency and the provider of travel products is fairly simple – if you travel we receive our commission and if you cancel – we generally do not. It wasn’t until the mass cancellations globally resulting from Covid-19 shutdowns that travel professionals around the world understood fully the ramifications of this. As such – the following cancellation fees are in place effective June 1, 2020 : *Unless specified otherwise* *Cancellation of a Package Holiday or Cruise* $200 per person listed on the reservation *Cancellation of a Flight Reservation* $100 per person listed on the reservation *Cancellation of ancillary/miscellaneous services*- $50 per reservation *Cancellation of a Customized Reservation* - A fee of 20% of the full price of said reservation excluding any flight costs which are mentioned above under “cancellation of a flight reservation”. A *consultation fee* calculated at a rate of $75.00 per hour may be assessed in those instance where travel advice is sought on items which are not/have not/will not be secured through our office. *The above fee schedule is in addition to any cancellation fees that may be assessed by the airline/cruise line/tour operator/attractions provider and as such we STRONGLY recommend securing cancellation insurance protection as a hedge against the unexpected* GST is applicable and will be added to the above fees.
    Each airline, cruise line, tour operator and attractions provider has their own terms and conditions. And as we’ve learned throughout the challenges offered up by Covid-19, these change on a regular basis. As such – a link will be provided with your booking that ties directly into the supplier(s) of the service(s) which we would ask that you review.
    **Packages/Tickets once purchased become 100% non refundable, valid only on dates and flights shown. As Packages/Tickets are non refundable we recommend the purchase of Cancellation & Interruption Insurance. Cancellation & Interruption Insurance must be purchased within 48 hours of the initial first deposit/payment applied to file. Please advise if Cancellation & Interruption Insurance is required on the purchase of your non refundable package/ticket. *Canada’s Air Passenger Protection Regulations* As a passenger, you have certain rights and protections as governed by the Canadian Transportation Agency for certain instances of denied boarding, flight delays and lost or delayed checked luggage. Please refer to in order to familiarize yourself with the scope of these regulations.

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us.”

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