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That there is more than a little confusion surrounding today’s roll-out of Alberta’s “almost a vaccine passport but no one’s calling it that” is a given and as much as I’d like to clarify the rules, I’ll let those who feel they’re far wiser than literate mere mortals sort that one out.

As a business, under section 4 paragraph 6, subsection 92A – we’re supposed to ask for proof of vaccine before unlocking the door to allow passage.

Unless of course we qualify for an exemption under section 16, paragraph 6, subsection 102W.

Or as a door knocker, YOU qualify for an exemption under section 21, paragraphs 23 through 41.

In which case by the time we get it all sorted out our office will have closed for the day.

And don’t even get me started on how Fred in the Govt. of Alberta IT Dept. forgot to key in the “do not overwrite” section of the “help yourself to a Proof of Vaccine” wallet size printable card on the secure government web-site.

Which partially explains how I’m able to get said “proof of vaccine” for our 2 Great Danes.

That said:

*We will NOT be asking for Proof of Vaccine for those of you wanting to pop through our hallowed portals*

It really has little to do with any kind of protest on our part.

Fact of the matter is that to travel anywhere these days you are, or will be required to produce a certifiable document likely in the form of a smart phone accessible QR code.

And if you’re not vaccinated – the chances of you needing to come into our office ( remember – we’re a TRAVEL AGENCY) are somewhat slim.

Unless of course you’re delivering home baked goodies in which case Section 14 subsection 63 paragraphs 49 through 72 will be deemed applicable.

But feel free to call us for updates.

All the headsets on our phones are masked as a hedge against any comments we may make going viral.

And so there’s today’s rules.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s updates.


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