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KRUGER South Africa

Relaxing quite comfortably while taking in the scenery from our safari vehicle, we suddenly stop and our tracker/ranger asks "how about if we step out and approach a CHEETAH up close?” Which wasn't that much different than having your dentist ask - "hey-how'd ya like a root canal without anesthetic?”Expressing some concern over leaving the security of the vehicle in order to approach a cheetah in the wild, our 1 armed tracker assured us all would be fine as long as we didn't make any "sudden moves". I was about to ask if passing out was considered a "sudden move" when we came across this beautiful 150 lb female who was far more concerned with resting after a meal than she was about our presence. What a rush folks!


Travel is fatal to Prejudice, Bigoty and Narrow-Mindedness

Mark Twain

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