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are not amused!

Like many of you, our homestead spent the Christmas break hunkered down restricted to linking up with family and friends through zoom, facetime and Alexander Bell’s great contraption.

Not only was it mandated to do so, but in most instances it seemed prudent to do so.

Given the uptick in positive case loads and the corresponding strain on our health care system, we set aside the traditional “let’s all gather together” methods of celebrating the holidays.

For many – it wasn’t easy.

Those with aging parents for whom Christmas 2020 might in fact turn out to be the last one we celebrate together, wrestled in anguish with not being able to get together.

Others who had hoped to invite a family in need due to catastrophic job losses culminating in said family not having resources to provide a traditional Christmas Day to their kids – had to suggest “we’ll celebrate when this is all over and done with”.

For most – it was a Christmas like no other.

Most but not all.

As has been reported over the past couple of days, Alberta MLAs and staffers after deciding that advisories, mandates, precautionary actions and not the least of all…. public optics, were not in their wheelhouse – opted instead to get out of Dodge for the holidays.

Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard on a Hawaii vacation.

Energy Minister Sonya Savage out to Kelowna to check on her vacation property.

The Premier’s Chief of Staff Jamie Huckaby to the UK and back via the US – two of the most highly infected countries on the planet.

MLA’s Tanya Fir and Jeremy Nixon…………… and the list (that we know of) continues to grow.

Here’s my message to those elected and appointed folks:

“If after some consideration you felt that undertaking the journeys you did, and in direct opposition to the mandates you issued to the rest of us it was okay to do so, then there would appear to be some serious issues with your judgemental abilities. And as such, We The People have just cause to question said abilities as they pertain to the various portfolios that We The People elected you to manage. If on the other hand you had employed even a trace of common sense prior to deciding to head out and felt that the ‘ please stay home’ guidelines applied only to the great unwashed and not to you – then We The People deem you unfit to fulfill your roles as Civil *Servants*”

That Premier Kenney chose to declare that these folks, while exercising “questionable” judgement in fact complied with all legal Covid related requirements is at best, a stretch.

At a time when a variety of Alberta businesses have been mandated to shutter, or in the case of the travel industry- agencies who are hemorrhaging red ink by the bucket load as a result of various *do not travel* orders, watching our elitists skirt the system for their personal benefit is nothing short of outrageous.

Surely to God on a Minister’s compensation salary package could not Ms. Savage have hired someone in Kelowna to “check up” on her vacation property?

These self appointed “do as I say not as I do” folks may not have broken any laws.

They have however in a time when it’s so badly needed – broken the trust of Albertans.

And We The People – given all we are going through – deserve better.

Take action Premier Kenney – before We The People exercise the opportunity do so at the polls.


Moments after completing this it was announced that a number of the UCP Travel Club members involved had either resigned their positions or had been shuffled away from ministerial duties.

Let this be a *crystal clear* message to those that might look to follow in their footsteps come Spring Break!

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