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Despite tales coming out of our neighbor to the south of a tsunami of travel bookings, here in the land of the looney we’re……….. not quite there yet.

Far be it for me to suggest that their ‘needle in arms’ rate is playing an active role in said recovery, but ……..

1st shot stats in Canada run 25% of eligible folks vs. 51% of Americans

Both shots 2.% of Canadians vs 32% of Americans.

Reasons notwithstanding – the simple fact is that the y’alls are welcome in more places than American Express whereas Canuckleheads can’t even get into a restaurant in their own home town.

As are apparently 39 other countries who have managed to inject at a better rate per 100 population than we have.

It’s not all bad news though – we’re doing better than Malawi, Uzbekistan, Albania and Mongolia.

And with our own government still mandating a 14 day quarantine on returnees – it’s no wonder the list of countries not extending a welcome mat to Canadian travelers continues to block any kind of Summer/Fall recovery.

Not only are more than a few countries asking the great unwashed to stay away.

Cruise lines for the most part have mandated that anyone looking to sail away on board their vessels, will be required to show proof of full vaccination (both shots) dated 14 days prior to embarkation.

Airlines are moving in a direction that will see international passengers likely be required to carry a vaccine passport under the guise of a Travel App.

Be prepared for a No Shoes-No Shirt-No Service approach to international travel once we’re able.

Certainly there will be those who view these impending requirements as an affront to their right to safeguard their personal information.

No argument there.

Then again – so is slapping down your credit card with Amazon on-line a dozen times a week.

It comes down to whether the reward is worth it.

We will travel again

It likely however won’t be the Summer/Fall trip we’d hoped for.

And when we do, it’ll be a little costlier than it was a couple of years ago given that airlines, ships, hotels and tours will have to recoup a higher per passenger outlay made in order to comply with providing the safe and hygienic environment that travellers will demand .

Smaller groups, smaller hotels, smaller ships – these I suspect will be towards the top of the list for many.

Mega resorts and the likes of the SS Hemorrhoid Of The Oceans will likely take a little longer for Canadians to rediscover their appetites for.

As to what will be available on a nonstop basis out of Calgary for this Winter will remain an unknown for probably another month or so given that airlines other than Air Canada are still in negotiations with Ottawa insofar as financial support is concerned.

Best guess is Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.

Possibly Cuba and Costa Rica.

Will airfares be refundable?

Will travel insurance meet the needs of travellers?

Will Canada see an improvement in the vaccine rollout?

Will I be able to retire before the age of 95?

Please feel free to reach out for updates given that the landscape changes hourly albeit at the speed of a turtle marathon in some instances.

And if you’re thinking of spending the Winter in Thailand - *PHUKET-JUST GO*

Adios for now.


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