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Updated: Oct 1, 2020


At my age and 6 months into Covid – I’m lucky if I can follow a basic train of thought through to the end.

A successful scientific experiment for me is the ability to successfully log on to a particular web-site using a 12 digit password taped to the top side of my screen.

And so you can imagine the challenge of “following the science” when it comes to interpreting the issue of Safe Travel.

Pretty much everyone has adopted the premise of 2 meters constituting the definition of acceptable when it comes to safe distancing.

And yet the article seen at “seems” to suggest that when it comes to droplets – these things can hang around longer than unwanted relatives and the little buggers do so at a distance of 4 meters.

Forget the science – I’ll remain my usual anti-social self and practice a 1 km distance of all but by lovely bride.

Then we get into the matter of masking.

Wearing a mask by most accounts seems to provide benefits.

Not wearing a mask has the potential to turn the non-wearer into a social pariah.

And yet The Science would appear to suggest as per masks have questionable merit if worn improperly, are of the wrong material, or are not washed daily.

Given that many people I’ve spoken to keep a mask in their vehicle ( and I know for absolute certainty their vehicle does not come equipped with a Maytag washer) for use when required, the value of mask wearing in general is………… debatable to many.

Personally I’ll wear one given that these days out in public I’d rather not feel like the proverbial turd-in-the-punchbowl as a result of going against the tide.

As well, when masked, good luck in determining whether I’m smiling at you or grimacing.

When it comes to social distancing on airplanes, it seems the jury is leaning in favor of the cabin environment being relatively safe as per *however* it comes down to all of the swiss cheese holes lining up including how safe are the masks being worn by other passengers.

Given that it may be a while yet before flights start running full again – this may not be the problem it’s touted to be.

At the end of the day there’s probably 20 different branches of science volunteering 20 differing perspectives on any given topic.

All well and fine for prompting discussion however it’s often the non-scientific branches of government that will settle on where, how and when we are able to once again traverse the globe and get the hell out of Dodge once Winter hits.

See for a *point and click* journey through which countries are open for whom and with what restrictions.

According to the science we know today.

Adios until next time.


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