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Updated: Oct 27, 2020


Yes -No -Maybe, and everything in-between.

Word-wide cases of Coronavirus continue to climb.

The cruise industry which has essentially been shut down since March is still on hiatus and will remain so until at least the end of October.

The Canada/US border is slated to remain closed until Oct.21 with additional extensions of the closure a real possibility.

Airlines globally are on average operating at approximately 5% of their pre-Covid capacity.

The 14 day quarantine remains in effect for anyone returning to Canada from the outside world.

And despite the rhetoric of optimism from some quarters of the arrival of a vaccine “real soon”, we’re a ways away yet folks.

The good news is that a number of Canadian Insurance companies are now offering coverage for Covid-19 while on a trip out of Canada.

The not so stellar news is that coverage is *capped at $200,000*

Which may sound like a lot *however* if you’re in the United States – that 200 K could easily get eaten up with a 1 week stay at the Casa Covid Medical Center in the somewhat Exited States.

Nonstop flights from Calgary are a “best guess” at the moment.

The good folks at Westjet are “planning” to offer Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo.

But if the best they’re going to get is 20 people on a flight – those plans could change pretty quick.

Transat has of course pulled out of Western Canada entirely for the 2020/2021 season, and Sunwing has yet to announce their firm intentions.

Air Canada -although we’re awaiting clarification – does not appear to have Calgary on the books for direct flights this season other than to Las Vegas and Maui.

And so for someone who’s made a living out of telling folks where to go……….. it’s a challenge this season.

Coupled with defining a *safe vacation* -a definition for which varies from 1 traveler to another.

6000 passenger mega-ships and 4000 room resorts with 20 bars and 16 dining options have likely lost their lustre for many over the next little while.

Smaller more yacht like vessels and boutique condo style resorts where the concept of jamming 20 lbs. of potatoes into a 5 lb. bag is non-existent will likely see a measured degree of success this Fall/Winter

Insofar as which *destinations are safe* - it’s a moving target.

A destination that was safe and Covid free a month ago – may have changed last week by means of a second wave or may endure modifications in the weeks to come.

A high speed moving target at best.

The need to get away is in a tug of war with the needs of most to feel secure.

Not unlike trying to decide if the experience of a tenting safari in lion country is right for your needs vs. your personal comfort zone.

Like everything else Covid related – travel options are constantly changing at the pace of a fast moving Rubik’s Cube.

Know however - *there are options* and we’re more than happy to review them with each of you should you be feeling a bit house-bound these days.

Adios for now.


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