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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

is said to be significantly better than a good day shovelling January snow in Alberta.

Now that we have that truism out of the way, let’s take an early glimpse at whose beaches are planning to be available to paroled Covid Canucks this coming Winter.

As we go through the motions, it’s important to keep 2 thoughts at the ready.

1- The accuracy of predicting “what will be” in 4 months time is to some degree like nailing the bulls eye on a dartboard affixed to a moving vehicle at a distance of 100 paces

2- Be prepared to see signs at the airport indicating – “You Can’t Get There From Here (easily)


Long a mainstay destination for sun starved Albertans, each of Westjet and Air Canada have over the past few years offered flights from Calgary to Honolulu and Maui with additional inter-island connecting flights.

Up until a couple of days ago it appeared that Hawaii was preparing to lift their quarantine measures for arriving passengers *however* as of late yesterday it seems there may be a hiccup in play.

Not saying it won’t be a go for Winter 2020/2021 however it will likely be another month or so before anyone has a clear picture of Hawaii’s re-opening.


“Open” takes on a variety of definitions depending on what the visitor’s idea of “open” is.

The good folks at Travel & Leisure Magazine published a list last week of various islands and their plans, rules and regulations insofar as tourism is concerned.

Of course the one fairly common thread throughout is the matter of testing which is not as simple a process as it may at first appear.

Whereas you’ll see that many of these Caribbean islands *currently* require proof of Covid Negative testing done within 48-72 hours prior to arriving at destination, our current turnaround here in Alberta simply can’t comply.

In speaking as I did to health care professionals earlier this week I was advised that currently it takes 48-72 hours from time of testing to get negative results back.

Mexico on the other hand has simply implemented health screening on arrival and *at the moment* ( bear in mind that 2020 is The Year of At The Moment) has not implemented a requirement for Covid Negative test results.

What I am seeing that’s rather impressive is a push by a number of upper end resorts in the area of health and safety protocols, an example of which can be seen at

Adding to that the strong probability that the Mayan Riviera as well as Puerto Vallarta will see adequate nonstop flights out of Calgary throughout the Winter points to these 2 areas seeing strong demand.

Cruising as I’d indicated in a previous blog still has it’s work cut out for them.

They’re currently feeling a bit hamstrung by the Covid testing requirements imposed at ports of call which makes it very difficult for them to say for absolute certainty that their planned January/February sailing will go as planned.

Again – with the ever moving dartboard in play – let’s give it until mid-September or so before making any kind of semi-accurate projection.

Keep an eye out on our blogsite over the next few days where we’ll present an overview of Europe and their game plans/restrictions.

Adios for now


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