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CRM otherwise known as crew resource management, is a procedure that any flight crew member will tell you is one of the most indispensable tools used in commercial aviation geared towards avoiding mixed messaging snafus that more often than not result in less than desired results.

In short it focuses on a chain of command which after appropriate consultation with involved crew members, executes a command by the duly authorized commander with the intent of addressing and resolving the issue at hand.

On December 30th, each of federal ministers Dominic Leblanc and Bill Blair took to the airwaves to announce that all travellers entering Canada would “soon” be required to produce COVID-19 Negative test results dated not more than 72 hours prior to boarding their flight to Canada.

One day later, our high priest of all things related to transportation, Minister Marc Garneau verified that this was indeed the case.

Unfortunately the announcements were a tad short on detail not the least of which was “when will this become effective?”.

More than a little concerning for travellers boarding their outbound flights for a week at the Casa de Paradise.

Even more concerning for airlines who, although charged with ensuring that passengers heading home were in possession of the required documents, had apparently not been consulted prior to the announcements as to the how when and wherefores.

Two things spring to mind:

1- The age old question –“ how many politicians does it take to announce a major change in protocols?”

2- With medical facilities often far and few between in many popular resort areas – did anyone bother to check prior to coming up with this plan that implementation was even feasible?

Over the past 24 hours “some” clarity has been added to the requirements that become effective *as of January 7th*

Indeed *all* passengers over the age of 5 entering Canada by air, including Canadian passport holders, must produce a COVID-19 negative certificate issued by the appropriate authorities in the country of departure.

And not just any test will suffice – it must be the alleged gold standard PCR test.

Even were we to presume that every 3rd world country Canadians flock to in order to soak up a little sun and copious amounts of ethyl alcohol are capable of handling the number of requests for testing during this narrow 3 day window, passengers testing negative are still mandated to a 14 day quarantine upon arrival back home.

With the possible exception of negative passengers participating in the CALGARY AIRPORT rapid arrival testing program.

Passengers unable to locate a testing facility on the Island of Kumquat prior to returning home “may” still be able to board the flight *however* will be shipped off on arrival to a federally designated facility for a 14 day period.

Even if their home is located a mile from the airport- a 2 week Club Fed adventure awaits..

Passengers testing POSITIVE prior to boarding the flight need not be concerned about what happens on arrival given that they will be denied boarding and will likely spend a little more time in Kumquat than they’d bargained for.

And then of course the question just might arise – “in a destination where health management standards are significantly lower than countries such as Canada employ – can we be certain that the positive *or* negative results are indeed accurate?”.

I’m all for doing whatever it takes to curb the spread of a virus that has to date turned the lives of people worldwide upside down.

As a travel professional who has spent a lifetime making the travel dreams of many come true, it pains me to have to more often than not say to prospective travellers – “Stay Home for the time being”.

If however our elected representatives are going to clear a bit of a path for folks other than Members of Legislative Assemblies to travel outside Canada, then come up with a plan BEFORE going before the cameras.

A public announcement on matters as important as this needs to be clear and concise from get-go.

Assemble the crew of wizards together, agree on a go-forward course of action, and deliver the message from the commander in charge.

Confusion Resource Management.

We don’t need any more confusion.

Confusion is a lot like throwing up – once it starts there’s no stopping it.

Adios until next time

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