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Updated: Oct 1, 2020

When taxpayers went ballistic over the Feds spending 4.5 billion on a pipeline so that we could push $100 a barrel oil through to tidewater and now here we are with $7 dollar a barrel oil and $100 per barrel toilet paper.

Maybe if we get the pipeline up and running we could distribute toilet rolls a bit quicker?

As always – it’s been an interesting day here in the zoo with the animals leading 4-0.

With cutting it down to Arlene and myself here in the cage, this 24/7 work together – live together and don’t go anywhere is starting to get challenging.

At least when we had staff attending the office, domestic disputes were headed off through interaction with others.

In the good old days, someone would head upstairs saying “Hey Dave – I’m grabbing a coffee – want one?”

Now it’s pretty much “ Feel like grabbing me a coffee Arlene?” to which the response is typically “ Do I look like a Barista?”

Apparently there’s no resemblance at all.

Men and women have significantly different brain functions.

Whereas my definition on interactivity with software programs is to yell at my PC when it doesn’t do what I think it should, the lovely Arlene makes valiant attempts to teach me how to properly input the required information.

At which point I head upstairs to become my own Barista.

In the pre-Covid days, a significant number of folks would pop in to share wild tales, recipes, aches, pains and credit card info.

Of course now the two of us have to fill those gaps and with our credit cards coming out of the same account – there’s not much of a win there.

I am however becoming a pretty fair Barista.

Like a kidney stone – this will pass.

And if we can avoid strangling each other over the next little while – that will qualify as a bonus.

Anyhow – coffee time.

*Damn- I’m out of coffee*

I suppose I could always order some on-line.

As soon as Arlene shows me how to log in the web-site.

Stay safe from each other.

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